Smoking and Your Dental Health

It is proven and well acknowledged by now that smoking causes no good to humanity and has an ill effect on every part of the human body. Oral or dental health is no exception, in fact is more vulnerable to the harmful effects of smoking or tobacco use. If you smoke, your teeth can easily showcase the noticeable detrimental effects of cigarette smoking. Stains on your teeth are comparatively a very minor harm that smoking causes to your oral health. What else it can do? Have a look…

Staining and yellowing of the dentition – Cigarette smoking leaves black stains on the teeth making them look ugly and unhygienic. The color of the dental stains and your dental condition depends on the frequency of your smoking, but yellowing of the teeth amongst smokers is quite common. In fact, the caps and the fillings soon get discolored if you smoke regularly.

Bad breath – Another thing that can bother you if you smoke is the ailment of halitosis or bad breath. Breathing out the fumes causes this problem and often leave you unpleasantly at social gatherings.

A hairy tongue – Yes! It is as weird in glance as it is by name. Smoking cigarettes avert the usual flaking of the surface cells from the tongue. Thus, one kind of these cells becomes more drawn out, leading to a facade like hair over the tongue surface.

Gum diseases or periodontal ailments – Smoking can lead to minor and major gum diseases and the major ones are often called periodontal diseases. Smoking adversely affects the blood flow within the gums and this diminishes your body’s ability to deal with oral plaque naturally. Periodontal ailments can cause irremediable wear and tear of the gum and bone tissue covering your teeth. Those who smoke have a tendency to be more at risk of this type of damage.

Oral Cancer – Smoking cigarette can bring to your mouth an array of hazardous chemicals that can cause cancerous change to your oral tissues over the period of time. Although, oral cancer can be caused to anyone, even the non-smokers but smoking can increase the risk of mouth cancer by six times. This has been proven in medical studies.

So, how about quitting smoking? Get your oral condition examined by your Dentist in Anchorage, AK today to prevent hazard that smoking can cause to your oral health.

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