Root Canal Treatment in Wasilla AK

Endodontic - Root Canal - Treatment in Wasilla, Alaska

Asian patient smiles after her root canal treatment at Alaska Center for Dentistry in Wasilla.Of all dental procedures, the root canal is the most feared and misunderstood. There are many outdated myths surrounding the it, causing patients to dread this procedure unnecessarily. The truth is that with modern dental technology, a root canal is not painful. It is also often the only option for saving a badly decayed or infected tooth.

A root canal can save your tooth by removing infection from the pulp (nerve). If you don’t opt for a root canal, or if you suffer through the problem for too long, a tooth extraction may become necessary down the road.

Safe and Comfortable Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure is a routine and safe procedure, despite what rumors you may have heard. The treatment area of your mouth will be thoroughly numbed. We will then locate the source of the abscess or infection, and carefully clean out the nerve chamber of the tooth. Antibiotic is placed in the nerve chamber, and the chamber is filled and sealed to prevent future infection. As your dentist works to remove the diseased tissue and crown the tooth, you won’t feel a thing.

We offer comfort amenities like headphones to drown out ambient noise, and warming neck pillows that will help you relax even further as you kick your feet up in our dental chair. Some patients even fall asleep during root canals!

If you are experiencing tooth pain, a root canal may your best option. Call us or come into our Wasilla office today and ask about root canal therapy. Who knew root canals could be so comfortable?

If you have other issues, we have a comprehensive menu of restorative dentistry treatments to help you.


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