Pediatric Dentistry in Wasilla AK

Pediatric Dentistry for a Lifetime of Good Habits

FREE Dental Sealants for Kids

Dental sealants drastically reduce the likelihood of cavities in children, and they help maximize
your child's chances for developing and maintaining healthy adult teeth.
We offer free sealants for new pediatric patients with comprehensive exam and cleaning.

At Alaska Center for Dentistry, we have made every effort with our pediatric dentistry services to ensure that our younger patients will love visiting the dentist. When you walk in for your appointment, your little one can rush over to our Kids Corner, where we offer games to play and movies to watch. Happily distracted, they won’t mind waiting for mom and dad to finish with their dental treatments.

Our practice is designed to make them feel right at home, and to help them think of the dentist’s office as a positive place.

Gentle, Kid-Friendly Treatments

One of our younger patients who benefit from pediatric dentistry services found at Alaska Center for Dentistry. We provide our young dental patients with good oral health foundations to carry them well into adulthood. We engagingly educate them about the importance of good dental hygiene habits and help them have fun while they learn. For parents, it is important to remember that a healthy smile will provide your child with confidence and improved social opportunities. With regular checkups and cleanings, we will help ensure your child grows up to have a winning, healthy smile.

Comprehensive Tooth Protection with Sealants

As a parent you care deeply about your child, and want him or her to grow up with healthy teeth that remain in good health through adulthood. As your child's dentist, we share this goal. That's why we recommend dental sealants for all children six years of age and older.

The back teeth (premolars and molars) are very hard to clean for children. Food often gets stuck in the deep grooves of the back teeth, allowing bacteria to thrive — and potentially causing cavities. Sealants are safe, thin plastic covers painted onto the chewing surfaces of your child's molars to protect their smile from early damage.

Dental sealants drastically reduce the likelihood of cavities in children, and they help maximize your child's chances for developing and maintaining healthy adult teeth.

Dental Sealant Procedure

Your child’s teeth will be cleaned thoroughly, just like any other dental visit. An acidic solution is then applied to the back teeth to help the sealant adhere better. The dental sealant will then be brushed on carefully, and hardened using a special light.

Child Friendly

Dr. Kimberly Self spends time with one of her pediatric dentistry patients at Alaska Center for Dentistry in Mat-Su Valley.If your child is nervous about dental sealants, you might want to mention that they do not hurt. There is no need for anesthetic or drilling. It is a safe and painless procedure that may save your child from experiencing dental problems later on in life.

When your child comes in for dental sealants or any other dental procedure, we will do our best to make our young patient feel right at home. With a Kids Corner full of games and movies, your child will soon forget about the procedure, allowing for a great dental visit every time.

If your child needs dental attention, make an appointment with us today. Our pediatric dentistry doors are always open, and our staff is always excited to meet new patients and to educate them about dental health.

If your teeth or gums are bothering you, call or come into our office today. We offer a wide range of general dentistry services in an environment that is designed with your comfort in mind.


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