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As a parent you care deeply about your child, and want him or her to grow up with healthy teeth that remain in good health through adulthood. To maximize your child’s chances for developing and maintaining healthy adult teeth, we offer dental sealants, which can protect your child’s permanent teeth.

Tooth sealants are thin plastic covers painted onto the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars. They act as a ‘seal’ to prevent food from collecting in the tooth grooves, which can otherwise become hotbeds for bacteria. Dental sealants form a protective shield over the hard to clean back teeth, so that the chance of cavities is drastically reduced.

The Procedure

Your child’s teeth will be cleaned thoroughly, just like any other dental visit. An acidic solution is then applied to the back teeth to help the sealant adhere better. The dental sealant will then be brushed on carefully, and hardened using a special light.

Child Friendly

If your child is nervous about dental sealants, you might want to mention that they do not hurt. There is no need for anesthetic or drilling. It is a safe and painless procedure that may save your child from experiencing dental problems later on in life.

When your child comes in for dental sealants or any other dental procedure, we will do our best to make our young patient feel right at home. With a Kids Corner full of games and movies, your child will soon forget about the procedure, allowing for a great dental visit every time.

Ask us about tooth sealants during your child’s next dental appointment. We are proud to help ensure the longevity of your family’s smiles.

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