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Some people hate to go to the dentist, but not our patients. We put every effort into making sure our patients are always comfortable.

A pair of headphones will take your mind away as we get to work on your dental procedure. A warm neck pillow will settle your muscles as you kick your feet up in our dental chair. Beyond all of that, if you are still nervous about your procedure, we have a number of oral and IV sedation treatments available.

Sedation Options

For patients who are nervous about needles and drills, we may recommend one or more sedation methods. Both oral and IV sedation treatments are completely safe and will allow you to sail through your dental treatment without the least bit of pain or anxiety.

Your dentist will provide you with instructions to follow before, during and after your procedure for best results. You will be told what to eat and drink before the procedure, how to manage the drive home from our office and all other instructions necessary to ensure your safety and comfort.

Safe and Effective Anxiety Reduction

Oral and IV sedation are very safe and commonly used on all types of people. When you are under the effects of the sedation, time will pass quickly and you may not remember much of what went on during the procedure. You will be able to lay back, relax and enjoy your dental treatment.

Ask about oral and IV sedation treatments during your next dental appointment. Your dentist will recommend the best sedation treatment for you.

Going to the dentist has never been so comfortable. Your family’s dental health is in good hands!